H.S.E Post 86 Programs

Blood Drives

H.S.E Post 86 has partnered with the American Red Cross to host blood drives at the post. These events will happen throughout the year. If you plan on attending remember to bring your photo ID, complete your RapidPass the day of the drive, eat a healthy breakfast & lunch and drink plenty of water before your appointment. Register online at www.redcrossblood.org and enter Sponsor ID: “ALPost86” or call 1-800-733-2767 to schedule your life-saving appointment.

Contact the Post or David Hull at David.Hull@redcross.org or 240-676-9955 for more information.

Boys State

American Legion Boys State is among the most respected and selective educational programs of government instruction for U.S. high school students. A participatory program in which students become part of the operation of local, county and state government, Boys State was founded in 1935 to counter the socialism-inspired Young Pioneer Camps. The program was the idea of two Illinois Legionnaires, Hayes Kennedy and Harold Card, who organized the first Boys State at the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield.

At Boys State, participants learn the rights, privileges and responsibilities of franchised citizens. The training is objective and centers on the structure of city, county and state governments. Operated by students elected to various offices, Boys State activities include legislative sessions, court proceedings, law-enforcement presentations, assemblies, bands, choruses and recreational programs.

Girls State

American Legion Auxiliary units in all 50 states proudly host ALA Girls State, an amazing week of learning focused on responsible citizenship, leadership, and love for God and country. Female high school juniors interested in applying to attend ALA Girls State are encouraged to contact their school counselor or their local American Legion Auxiliary units regarding the application process and deadline.

Candidates should be keenly interested in government and current events, and show strong leadership abilities. Because the structure of state and local government varies, ALA Girls State programs may vary in content and method of procedure, but each adheres to the same basic core values.

Honor/Color Guard

Color guards and marching bands have been an important part of American history. In early history, flags were used for a number of purposes. A detachment of soldiers was usually assigned to protect the flag. As history moved forward, color guards were used to lead marching bands, drum and bugle corps and other types of marching units. During the third convention of The American Legion, a resolution was passed making a band contest a feature of each National Convention. At a later convention, color guard competition also became a feature of The American Legion Convention. Since then, The American Legion, having its foundation in the military, has designated these classes of competition to the preservation and education of our country’s rich and patriotic history of honor guards and bands by all of our Legion Family Organizations. The American Legion is dedicated to upholding proper protocol, point of honor, and due and proper respect for our National Colors in all ceremonial situations.

The intent of the color guard classes composed of either members of The American Legion and/or Legion Family [i.e. “Sons of The American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary, or American Legion mixed participants”] is to honor the American flag. The flag is to be honored in a military manner with dignity, style and bearing associated with a military ceremonial color guard. It may be creative, innovative, and/or entertaining, while keeping the National Colors an integral part of the performance.

The Guard consists of a select and hand picked members who are able to give and obey orders, believe in their country and Constitution, believe in their flag and democracy, and adhere to the ideals of the American Legion in it’s highest tradition. The Honor Guard represents the American Legion by attending parades, funerals, and civic affairs (both City and State) for the good of Country and the American Legion.

The Guards may be utilized for any ceremony at which it is appropriate to have a military guard. There are occasions, such as a veteran’s funeral, when the military has an obligation to be there. There are other occasions, such a local parade or festival, when it is good public relations to participate. 

Care must be taken that the ceremony, event, or some part of the event is not supportive of a cause or activity which may cast the American Legion in a negative or controversial light or bring discredit to the Post simply by association. The decision to make available a guard is at the discretion of the Post Commander.

Honor Flight

The mission of Honor Flight is to transport America’s veterans to Washington, D.C. to visit the memorials dedicated to honoring those who have served and sacrificed for our country. ​

The Honor Flight Network is a national network of independent Hubs working together to honor our nation’s veterans with an all-expenses paid trip to the memorials in Washington, D.C., a trip many of our veterans may not otherwise be able to take.  Participation in an Honor Flight trip gives veterans the chance to share this momentous trip with other veterans, to remember friends and comrades lost, and share their stories and experiences with each other.

The Honor Flight Network is currently serving veterans who served from World War II to the Korean War and through to Vietnam. We also serve catastrophically ill and injured veterans from all service eras.

Manna Food Drives

Several times a year the Post will collect food donations to give to the local Manna food center. The mission of Manna is to help eliminate hunger through food distribution, education, and advocacy. Manna relies on the generosity of the community to help provide their services.

Toys for Tots

Every holiday season the Post helps collect toys for the Toys for Tots program. The basic mission of the Marine Toys for Tots Program is to collect new unwrapped toys and distribute those toys to less fortunate children at Christmas. The primary goal of Marine Toys for Tots is, through the gift of a new toy, help bring the joy of Christmas and send a message of hope to America’s less fortunate children. In order to better execute the Program, in 1991 the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation was created at the behest of the Marine Corps.

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