Recreated here, an essay written by Terry Edmisten, former member of Post 86 Color Guard. (date unknown)
(I have kept the verbiage and punctuation the same as he wrote.)



The Guard was formed in April 1980, almost fifteen years ago.  It was started because of a need was seen by post members to honor and show respect to our flag and to the veterans who had defended our country, sometimes with the life.  The fact that everybody involved with The American Legion are volunteers, and that this group has continued to stay together makes this color Guard special.

What makes any particular organization, unit or in this case, our Color Guard special? I believe it’s the closeness and comradeship that we have developed during practice, parades, special events.  It is very similar to men put to the test on the battle field where you come to depend on the rest of your team to be precise, as well as pushing yourself to do the same.  It takes team work to do the job and as a team we encourage others to join and be part of the squad.

The amount of time and effort each Guard member expends on practice and functions is only one aspect of the dedication involved.  Most of our members at one time or the other have held or now hold Post positions as well.  We as a group have spent a lot of time making things happen and as with any close knit family or group, we do have our differences of opinions.  But in working together we have been able to work out a solution for the good of the Guard and the individual.  It takes a special group of people to hang together and that makes our Guard special.

We are constantly striving as a team to become and stay the best Color Guard in the state and nation, representing American Legion Post 86 from Rockville, Maryland.  When American Legion Post Color Guard is called upon, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a parade, color guard competition, firing squad, funeral duty, fund raiser or any of the many other services provided, we have in most cases been able to comply with the request.

So what makes the Henderson-Smith-Edmonds American Legion post 86 Color Guard special? Any and all of the above! It makes me proud to be a part of and a member of this team.


Terry Edmisten